What Is A Private Cloud?

The pursuit for greater control and being prepared for any event starts with getting your digital world de-cluttered, organized, secured, and properly networked.  

A private cloud is cloud computing that delivers similar advantages to public cloud, such as reduced costs and scalability.  However unlike public clouds, which deliver services to multiple organizations, consumers or families, a private cloud is dedicated and secured to a single organization or family.  

Having your own organization cloud or your own family cloud minimizes the security concerns around cloud especially important for military families, health data, church organizations or family offices. Having your own private cloud also means you have direct control over your data i.e. you own your own data and no-one can sell or use it for other purposes.

This kind of service is also helpful when employees or families must travel for work and still need to have access to legal information, health data, insurance/wills, passports or photos/videos of their family.

With a private cloud service at home, families instantly increase their household digital connectivity. This makes sharing information privately from connected devices (computers, smartphones and tablets) easier than ever before.