Wunderlist To Close | A Good Alternative is FamilyDo for To-Do and Goals

Wunderlist is an award winning simple task management tool.  


It can be used across devices meaning you can use it at your desktop or mobile when you are out. Like Sunrise, Microsoft acquired their founding company 6Wunderkinder in 2015 as part of their mobile first, cloud first strategy.  In April 2017 Microsoft announced they will retire Wunderlist.

Here is a useful article from Techcrunch with more information and here is a blog from Microsoft that may help you too. 

As an alternative to Wunderlist, FamilyDo incorporates a beautiful to-do list that also can be used across devices.  Modeled on Wunderlists simplicity, it has the added value that it includes family members as a specific type of member and in addition to-do's can be assigned directly into the FamilyDo calendar.

FamilyDo To-Dos can be use to remember daily chores and to-do's like grocery shoppinng, but also to set and track goals both for yourself and for your family.