Sunrise Calendar Retired | FamilyDo Is A Replacement Calendar For Families

In 2015, the fabulous software giant Microsoft acquired a startup that created a product that competed with its own - they acquired the calendar app maker Sunrise, rumored for least $100 million.  On August 31st one year later they closed down the app and included its magical features into their own Outlook apps.  This still left a gap for Sunrise fans.

sunrise calendar android.jpg

So, who was Sunrise, in summary they held the number 1 spot for best calendar apps across iPhone, iPad and Android, they also had a web client.  Their suite of calendar products for mobile and desktop users connected with and consolidated calendars from different providers. Users could access their calendars from Google, iCloud, and Microsoft Exchange, as well as connecting to a wide range of other third-party apps from their Sunrise app.

In summary, the Sunrise app beautifully fixed the challenges of living with multiple calendars.

FamilyDo is a family calendar app that replaces Sunrise by seamlessly working with Outlook, iCal, Google Calendars, Trello, and even Asana, with the added value of including family information.

FamilyDo does exactly what Sunrise did and meshes all these events into one calendar with the added advantage that your calendar makes sense for not only for work but your family too.  FamilyDo makes sure you don’t miss a conference call at 10:30 a.m. or the basketball game at 6:30 p.m., with the added advantage of being able to filter by individual or see the whole family at once. Just like Sunrise it offers clean, easily digestible views of your upcoming events. 

In addition, FamilyDo builds on top of Sunrises slick design supporting drag-and-drop and a more effective natural language engine that quickly picks up calendar events including Facebook, Google Calendar, Outlook, Office365 and iCloud.  In FamilyDo you can just key in “two o’clock picnic with the cub scouts” it creates your events, presents ideas of who to invite and it even displays the weather so you know how to dress your scout!    Just like Sunrise, it includes Google Maps too, so you don’t get lost finding your picnic.

One underrated benefit of Sunrise? It looked good! That’s harder than it might seem for a calendar app. By hiring top US designers that design for the most popular apps in the USA like Ancestry and Facebook, FamilyDo captures all of that aesthetic appeal without skimping on features.